Morgana Shaw is

Bette Davis

An award-winning veteran of theatre, film and television, she is happy to be back on stage as Bette Davis in the role she originated in 2006.

Camilla Carr


CAMILLA CARR (Playwright/Screen & Television Writer/Novelist/Actor) is a three-time recipient of the Hollywood DramaLogue

Ryan Matthieu Smith

Director, Producer, Design

Ryan Matthieu Smith is an award-winning Director and Designer working in film, television, and theatre in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Michael Jenkins


MICHAEL A. JENKINS (Producer) is a four-time Tony® Award winner as a producer.

Ken Orman


Ken is a producer, director, writer and actor in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Joy D. Sanchez


Joy is a Dallas/Ft Worth based photographer and stylist.

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